#MiriamMagic: The little spark of hope in me

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

A name which is very familiar not only for the Filipino people, but for the Miriam-inspired-fanatics all around the world. She is a woman of steel – Strong, brave, and candor, when facing presumptive criminals in the court. With her signature Margaret Thatcher hair, round spectacles, and red lipstick, she graces hearings and trials with utmost fierceness and wit. Judging by her academic and professional record, she is beyond extraordinary; Which makes her more than capable to run for presidency. She ran for presidency thrice (In 1992, 1998, and 2016), but unfortunately, she lost all three.In 1992, she lost because she was cheated – according to the majority’s claim. Her petition for a recount was junked because of the fact that she was still a senator back then; She was failed by the system. In 1998, she ranked 7 out of 10 presidential candidates. The Philippines was then, divided. And because of this, her opponents outshadowed her light; She was failed by the probability. Recently, this 2016, she ran again for president despite all the black propaganda which were bombarded into her  with “Cancer” as the common denominator. Sad to say, she lost again. People are very thirsty for change due to the years of drought brought by the previous administrations. We can’t blame them anyway. She had all the courage to run despite all the odds, yet, she was once again declined by the Filipino people; She was failed by the people. I actually don’t know why the Filipinos took for granted this very amazing lady who chose to serve the country rather than jump into the pool of opportunities outside of the Philippines. One thing is for sure though, regrets are always positioned last.

I am an avid supporter of this lady. I am a die-hard-Miriam-Army. She was a very big inspiration for me to strive more because as to one of her lines: “Do not be like me, be better than me”. I have always admired her back to the days where I saw a frightened Napoles and a reputation-stripped Enrile wither down just by feeling her presence. She is timeless. She is a walking history of greatness and we, the 21st century millenials, are very blessed to have existed at the same time with her. She also loves the youth so much that is why during her campaign, the youth was alongside her. Because the youth knew what leader our country needs. But needless to say, their cries, our cries, were unheard.

Of course, she is famous for her pick-up lines during her speeches and meets which the generation appreciated very much. She also made books which were entitled “Stupid is forever” and “Stupid is forevermore”. These things are proof that her caliber doesn’t end behind the four walls of the court of justice. She can be someone who can make people laugh and at the same time be someone who can make people think. She is also a very loving lola to her grandchildren. And as she lost this year’s election, she said that she will focus on her family more and teach her grandchildren basic knowledge. After knowing this, I felt more than relieved to know that she will finally be able to rest from the wild, wild, world of Philippine politics. She deserves all the peace and good sleeps. She has done so much for our country already and it’s about time that she should sign off.

I, as part of the youth, pledge to continue her excellence in every way possible. I know that this unique brand of charismatic appeal called “Miriam Magic” is still living in me; And will always, always live in me. Although she will not be evident in the limelight of politics anymore, the youth is still hoping for a better Philippines for us all. Someday, her plans for the country will come true. She may not be here to witness all of it, but she shall spectate and I know that she will be overjoyed.  She is the youth’s hero. The youth’s inspiration. Forever shall the name Miriam Defensor-Santiago be embedded into our hearts. Forever shall we relive and enjoy this little, but collectively powerful sparks.

Photo courtesy of Rappler


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