Bird set free

Last year, the United States of America shook the world with their first step into achieving gender equality: Same Sex Marriage. Of course, because of the judgemental nature of  humans, it gained several criticisms. Some were disgusted by it, some just hated it plainly, some loved it, some just accepted it, and some just looked at it like a sign that the world’s ending; Which was painstakingly normal because whatever happens, there will be these people who would connect the event to the end of the world, zombie apocalypse, or a massive terrorist attack (pun intended). Now what is equality? Do gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals deserve this? Let me give you my insights regarding this.

We all have different definitions of the word Equality. But when I hear it, what comes to my mind is equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal treatment; In short, justice. Equal rights in the sense that all of us are given what is bound for us. The barrier goes in if we use homosexuality as an excuse to deprive these people of their rights. They still pass through the justice system, they still encounter legal problems, and they still experience abuse and violence. All of us may experience those too, so why not give them the chance to defend themselves? For an instance, if a person is gay and he was raped, we treat it as if it wasn’t rape because most of us connect homosexuality to sex and it is just wrong. As to definition, rape is forced sex. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or transgender or whatever gender you use to substitute the given variable? If he was raped, then he was raped. Is rape just applicable to straight males and females?

They also aren’t given equal opportunities. Most of the time, if an employer knows that his soon-to-be employee is a part of the LGBT community, he would dump the resume right away. People treat homosexuality as if it is a very severe communicable disease. And because of this, most LGBT people aren’t so welcome in their professional fields or even in simple open conversations about random things. Like the others, these people also have their own talents, skills, and intellect. These though, are wrapped inside the fact that the society isn’t that welcoming for them. As time passes by, this mentality is slowly dying. And it is just very delightful to see the LGBT community indulging themselves in high pillars of success which they worked hard for. Gender isn’t a problem really. What matters is how competent and how that person uses his God-given gifts.

Equal treatment also isn’t that evident in their lives. They are often judged as to what people see, but we always fail to understand that they’re still human. They can feel pain, they can feel sadness, they can feel what we are feeling. So why do we have to judge? Is a person who expresses himself the new definition of disgusting? They aren’t given the justice that they should feel. If they can feel negativity, they can feel positivity too. If we can make someone feel bad, then most likely, we can make someone feel good. If we can make people feel happy because of they have found the love of their lives, why not apply it to everyone? Shall we restrict love now because it happened within two people of the same sex?

I know that there will be Biblical justifications and interventions about this post, but if we take that in or out of the context, the LGBT community still deserves the start of equality in their lives. There is no divine law that says “Thou shall not love”. And if indeed there are excerpts from the Bible that imposes homosexuality as a sin, let us go back to the basics. They are creations of God, right? Yes they are. God planned everything from the beginning, right? Yes he did. Therefore, he planned these people to be what they are right now. Are we God to tell them that they have no place in heaven and that they will forever rot in hell? No. So as long as we respect them, they will reciprocate it to us too. And if ever we judge them again let us ask ourselves “Are we God?”. Well, you have the answer.


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