10 Uncommonly used Hiligaynon Words

Hiligaynon has been a Language full of diversity and ethnic values. Today, I will present 10 Uncommonly used Hiligaynon words just for you!

  1. Barukan– In English meaning bladder. For example, “Daw malupok na gid iya barukan sang kaihi-on!” (His bladder may just burst because he’s about to urinate!)
  2. Abay– Meaning, bridesmaid. For example, “Ako ang abay ni Maria sa iya nga kasal.” (I am Maria’s Bridesmaid at her wedding.)
  3. Agogoling– Bumblebee. For example, “Ginlagas to si Jose sang Agogoling kagina.” (Jose was chased by a bumblebee earlier.)
  4. Abano– Cigar. For example, “Gingamit naman ni Ramon iya abano. Pwerti kabaho!” (Ramon used his cigar again. It was really smelly!)
  5. Adikdik– Dandruff. For example, “Kadamo sang iya mga adikdik sa ulo, damak!” (She has a lot of dandruff in her haid, yucky!)
  6. Tumbak-tumbak– Dragonfly. For example, “Katahom sang tumbak-tumbak ho.” (The dragonfly is very beautiful.)
  7. Amimilok– meaning, Eyelash. For example, “Ka kyut kaayo sang iya mga amimilok.” (His eyelashes are very cute.)
  8. Aro– Leprosy. For example, “Kaluoy to bala sa iya kay may aro siya.” (I pity him because he has leprosy.)
  9. Karitot– Lobster. For example, “Akon panyapon gina ya Karitot nga ginataan.” (My dinner earlier was Lobster cooked in coconut milk)
  10. Balatas– Galaxy. For example, “Ara kita sa balatas nga Milky Way.” (We are in the Milky way galaxy”


So there you go! These are 10 uncommonly used Hiligaynon words. Hope you learned something and enjoyed!!

Courtesy of https://glosbe.com/hil/en



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