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Sowing Legacies: My unforgettable day with youth volunteers nationwide

Volunteerism – the feeling of giving and expecting nothing in return; the insane urge to help others to create a better world.

This April 1, 2017, I was chosen to present Jaya Ariola and Junbert Pabon’s project called “Holistic development program for children in conflict with the law (CICL) at the Social Development Center” in Sowing Legacy Movement’s Legacy Awards where the winning project will receive a 15,000 pesos grant. Indeed, it was a day full of productiveness and love for volunteerism. The event was graced by various youth volunteers from all over Philippines making it really grand and star studded. Continue reading “Sowing Legacies: My unforgettable day with youth volunteers nationwide”


10 Uncommonly used Hiligaynon Words

Hiligaynon has been a Language full of diversity and ethnic values. Today, I will present 10 Uncommonly used Hiligaynon words just for you! Continue reading “10 Uncommonly used Hiligaynon Words”

Confessions of a suicidal being

Lost. I am lost. All these times I have struggled to find myself, but then again, I am lost. I was treating myself as someone special. I was treating myself as if I have an admirable value; which I should not because all I have is the contrary. I was just trying to look for answers, but I was given more questions. I was just trying to fit in, but I was bombarded with harsh judgement. I was just trying to give myself to people, but all I had were rejections. Why does it have to always be this way? I sought, I wandered much further. I invested my faith into someone they said can give me answers. I held on until my hands were full of blood and my body was tired of everything. But then again, I was just given more questions. More harsh judgement. More rejections. I tried to talk, but no one ever listened. I tried to ask for help, but no one seemed to understand.

What did I do to deserve this?  Continue reading “Confessions of a suicidal being”

Health is happiness

21st century: A generation in which the millenials are utilizing their technologies extensively that they tend to forget about their physical well-being. May you be old or young, the hype that these technologies has to offer is sure to touch you. In this generation, as to my perspective, people, especially teenagers, don’t care that much about their health anymore; Unless, they’re pretty sick and incapable only then shall they pay attention. Continue reading “Health is happiness”

#MiriamMagic: The little spark of hope in me

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

A name which is very familiar not only for the Filipino people, but for the Miriam-inspired-fanatics all around the world. She is a woman of steel – Strong, brave, and candor, when facing presumptive criminals in the court. With her signature Margaret Thatcher hair, round spectacles, and red lipstick, she graces hearings and trials with utmost fierceness and wit. Continue reading “#MiriamMagic: The little spark of hope in me”

Who am I?


Basically, I am a blogger. I mean a trying-hard-blogger to be exact. I want to have an outlet for me to express myself. I am a student with a dream to be a filmmaker someday but due to the fact that the world is not a wish granting factory, that dream should stay as a dream for now. Actually, I don’t even have a definite answer to the question “Who am I?”. I can give facts about myself. I can write about my goals in life and what I aspire to be. But in a soul-searching context, I haven’t found myself yet. Maybe, because I’m so good at adapting that I tend to camouflage with my environment. As time goes on though, I think I’m eventually starting to find myself. Yes! Finally! I’m starting to depart from that chameleon side. I am still looking forward to the day where I know myself fully already. That day shall come soon and I’m feeling it. The countdown to it has already started. I have gathered a single piece of me and it says “write”.

I am a very vocal kind of person. I post everything I feel on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. And as my environment-adapting personality would suggest, I have found out that some people hate my justifications on things. My rants, my articles, my thoughts. Name it! They’re always being critiqued – and always misunderstood. It hurts me. Well, who likes being misunderstood? But that’s alright. I have already swam into the realms of its nature. I have learned a lot out of my experience. There are of course, constructive critics – and their painfully bashing contraries. There are polite people and there are straightforward ones. Through the course of my adventure into this very miserable jungle of social media, I have appreciated the beauty of diversity. People have different thoughts and we should always respect that in all ways possible. If we have committed something wrong, let us admit and apologize because pride will never take us anywhere near success. If we are hurt, let us ask ourselves: “Did I do the right thing?”. If yes, then ignore the cause, go on with your life, and prove them wrong. If not, then do everything to make it right. Being hurt is normal. But knowing what to do after the pain left makes one extraordinary.

Like most of us, I also had a lot of downfalls. I still look at them up to this day – not to discourage myself, but to see what I have become. Failures are part of the life cycle. We live to fail, but also remember that we live to defy gravity. It doesn’t matter how you fell, but it matters how still you were when you stood up and started running again. I have made these failures a motivation for me. What do you do when you have broken pieces? You put it back together. If you foresee a failure, believe in the power of probability. If you know that it is indeed a failure and you’re in the middle of it, fight your best so it may be considered as a worthwhile battle. We all live to die. That of course is of 100% probability if taken through the literal context. But what we do along the show will define our ending.

As to my personal profile, I’m 16. I’m a student of Negros Occidental High School – a very proud one. I’m from Philippines. I love to write, to eat, to sleep. I am very optimistic and I like risks. I can do things as long as I’m passionate in it (Applicable to everyone). I have a lot of goals in life. I am very confident outside but very broken inside. I use confidence to hide my weaknesses. I don’t want to look weak because I know I’m not. It’s just mind over matter. My mentality sometimes devours the best of me. So yeah, that is me. I do what I want to do as long as I have the time. I am very random. I may be a photojournalist this moment, and I can be a painter the next moment. Who knows? I’m very outspoken too. I can’t shut up. True story. I believe that I can compare myself into a plain box. Mainstream-overconfident teenager on the outside but no one knows the real content.

I will be writing in both Filipino and English (Mostly English because it is the universal language and I want to be understood by different nationalities). So I hope you enjoy my blog! If you’re reading this then thank you and I hope you would like my future content. God bless you, random citizen! WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

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