Health is happiness

21st century: A generation in which the millenials are utilizing their technologies extensively that they tend to forget about their physical well-being. May you be old or young, the hype that these technologies has to offer is sure to touch you. In this generation, as to my perspective, people, especially teenagers, don’t care that much about their health anymore; Unless, they’re pretty sick and incapable only then shall they pay attention. Of course, there are a lot of factors that produce this kind of mentality namely: Failure in nutrition information dissemination, lack of activities/projects that incorporates or endorses good nutrition, and an individual’s lack of real-life application. There are actually a lot of ways in order to alert, awake, and encourage people to be healthy, but to no avail, the most viral and revolutionary way to inform which is through the internet is not utilized; Rendering us ignorant of what we should do to maintain or attain good nutrition. So what do we do now to further campaign for good health?

First, again I reiterate that the most revolutionary way to inform is through the internet. We can inform people by making posts, articles, quotes, etc. which are related to having good nutrition and promoting balanced diet. Second is through personal approach which is also very effective because a verbal communication is better than a non-verbal one when persuasion is taken into account. For instance, an individual can teach or tell a person the ways to be physically fit and its effects and what will happen if he/she does the contrary. Third is by the government’s active intervention in promoting and applying good nutrition. The government can conduct seminars, interviews, and other health related activities in certain barangays and municipalities to further inform the people of what good health is and how should they attain it. The youth’s participation, of course, is a great factor for the success of these campaigns.

There are a lot of things to do in order to attain good nutrition. You have to exercise daily, eat a balanced meal (Go, Grow, and Glow foods), have the right amount of sleep, have the proper water intake, have the proper treatment of the body, etc. With these, one could have a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle. The youth has a very big role in this communication-based world. As young as the students/teenagers are, they can already promote good nutrition and with that, they can catch attention and they might as well inspire others to do what they are doing. We coexist with technology and innovation, but let us remember that we must also focus on our physical aspect because health doesn’t go out of the trend. Health is happiness, and it indeed is. Do you want to feel this “happiness”? Go see for yourself.

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